Meeting and Incentives (MICE)

Italy is the ultimate destination when it comes to your convention and incentive travel arrangements. From the Alps to the southern most beautiful seaside resorts, Italy will enchant you with its art, history, natural beauties and exceptional Mediterranean climate.

Each region has something unique to offer, but when it comes to congress facilities, all of them have a wide range to choose from: from the most modern ones, to the ones housed in charming villas, antique palazzi and quaint castles.
In addition, hotels are constantly undergoing renovation, so that the most efficient equipment is always available.

The MICE sector has enourmously increased its revenue in the past few years. In Italy, on a yearly basis, it has reached over 100,000 events (meetings, congresses, conventions and conferences), with an average of over 20 million people attending them. The hotel industry has been benefiting from them as well, and has reached an impressive 14 million overnight stays.
According to the data provided by the U.A.I. (Union des Associations Internationales), in 2006 Italy has been ranked number eight in Europe and number nine among the countries hosting international meetings.

Italy’s most appealing reasons for staging an event are:

• Accessibility: Italian regions can be easily reached by flight (UK is linked to 29 airports in Italy), train and car.
• Variety of Venues: in addition to the traditional convention centres and congress hotels, venues can be hosted in antique palaces, castles, historic residences and villas.
• Local Attractions: wonderful cities, each with its own artistic heritage and traditions; the sea and the coastline; spas; mountains; lakes; natural reserves and protected areas.
• Food and Wine: the main characteristic of the Italian cuisine is its healthy balance and the wide range of available products. Each region boasts typical local dishes, as well as wines.
• The Weather: Italy enjoys the Mediterranean climate, one of the best in the world, no matter what season you travel.
• Organisation: facilities and services offer a highly efficient and very well organised system. Most important, events are professionally organised and meet the highest European standards by Convention Bureaus, Congress Buildings and Centres, PCOs and DMCs.

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